Quality Policy

Providing services in scope of production, installation, sales and marketing of Solar Energy Panels, import-exportation services, Solar Energy Facility projecting and power plant construction activities in accordance with the determined national and international regulations in line with determined targets.

Preventing adverse effects on the health of our employees and the people affected by our activities, and providing any protection necessary to control any accident, damage and danger that may arise in possessions of ourselves and others.

Applying same precautions to health and safety hazards as well as making the most effort to reduce them.

Understanding and responding to customer needs and expectations in the best way.

Working according to the requirements of ISO 9001 Management System.

Determining the continuous improvement in every point as basic philosophy, not just protecting our present situation.

Providing continuous training for the development of our employees.

Working with team understanding.

Our main policy is to be able to finish the service on time promised.

MARSUN Management commits ensuring that this policy is received by all employees and is understood clearly. This policy sets a framework for goals and is constantly being watched.

Chairman of the Board